3 Instagram Growth Strategies in 2019

Stoica Ionela (Unsplash)

Stoica Ionela (Unsplash)

There is one single question that our clients ask us most: How to get more followers on Instagram?

The answer seems to be the holy grail of the 21st century. And everybody is looking for a bible. 

We’ve reached out to the people who shape our industry. Four Instagram marketing superstars reveal their kick-ass growth strategies on the gram. Really big thank you to @landbound_mermaid, @missfernandez__, mariyabentz and @breedesigns_ 🙌

1. Content is queen 👑

Instagram is a visual platform. So needs to be your content! It should resonate with the app’s dominating aesthetics: beautiful, clean, bright, colorful and high quality ✨ You don’t need to be a photoshop crack though, any of the common retouching apps (e.g. VSCO) will turn your picture into a digital Mona Lisa.

However, content won’t do the job alone. It needs to be the right content. But not the right content for you or your colleagues but for your target audience 💪 Never forget that you’re serving a community on Instagram, so cater to their needs, desires, loves, preferences and moments of life.

Also, truly be a human being, not a brand! 💕 Instagram is a personal social network, it’s way more private and intimate than Facebook, for instance. So, ask you and your team which characteristics would your brand have if it was a person? What do you want people to say about your business? How do you convey this feeling in posts, comments and stories?

Last, be consistent! Consistency doesn’t only enable trust but also fosters your brand image. You want people to recognize and relate to you 💍 Be cohesive with the topics you cover, with your visual identity and filters. The Instagram feed is the store front of the 21st century! More and more people turn to platform (instead of Google) to search for their favorite brands, so don’t push away your prospects! Consistency also affects to your posting time. Let data tell the story and simply check your insights to see when your fans are online. Post when they are and try to stick to the same time and same day throughout the weeks. 

2. Engage like crazy 🤩

We’ve seen mass media brands that’ve put five-digit budgets behind aggressive Instagram ad campaigns and managed to get 500 followers within 4 weeks. We always educate our clients that you can’t buy yourself into an Instagram community 💸 It’s not like a Coachella ticket. That simply contradicts what the platform is about.

Instagram is ruled by people who connect with each other around a shared passion. Don’t fight these dynamics but harness them 🍒 Go out and start conversations with people who matter to your business. Comment on their photos, react to their stories, send DMs. Don’t spam but always create meaningful conversations and provide value! 💎

A good rule of thumb is the 30-30 approach. Each day, you should spend 30 minutes engaging on your feed and 30 minutes on new accounts - at least 😉 And ideally before and after you’ve uploaded a new post so you warm up the algorithm to expose your post to the world 💥

3. Shoutouts  💍

A great way to get more eyeballs on your profile are shoutouts. If someone else speaks about you, you access a greater audience 🚪 Of course, it’s crucial that this audience is relevant for your brand. Hence, make sure that you and your target share the same interests, passions and followers. Ideally the other account has a slightly higher following than you 😉

There are many ways to initiate a shoutout. One sneaky option is to simply elaborate on the respective profile in your story (don’t forget to mention them). Make sure to really add value to your words so that your story becomes intriguing for the recipient. This is also a great stage to show off your expertise! 🤓

If you’re doing a good job and you intrigue, your target will re-post your story to his/her. Boom hack done. Trojan horse placed! Now, open a Champagne bottle and celebrate yourself 🍾

No one knows what the future holds. But these three instagram growth strategies are some bulletproof advices to take your game to the next level 🚀

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